No stairway

The stair running up the centre of the house is made from a sustainably sourced 19mm Larch composite board. It has a central void to allow light down from the roof light to each of the floors into the centre of the plan.  It’s also held off the walls with stainless steel pins and thus allows more light down around the edges and architecturally separates the stair from the walls making feel more like a piece of sculpture than a stair.  The boards were cut on a C&C machine that cut out each of the component parts to within 0.1mm and then assembled as a kit of parts on site. It was constructed by Tin Tab, based in West Sussex –  The handrail is made by cutting a simple groove in the outer surface that guides the hand as you walk up or down.  We therefore avoided the need for a handrail on the outside/wall edge.   I realised I hadn’t yet posted any pictures of it finished, so here we go.


3 Responses to No stairway

  1. I’ve just found your site for the first time and we’re all very impressed with the project here at Diseño Earle. A great use for such a narrow plot. And the staircase looks beautiful.

  2. Luke Tozer says:

    Thanks. Nice to hear from you. I see you have also designed a sustainable house. PVs in Spain I would imagine are more viable than on a tight site like this in London. We struggled to get planning consent for sufficient area to make them viable.
    All the best

  3. The staircase is a work of art!


    This does not look like a self build but the work of a carpenter who loves wood!

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