We’re in!

A bit of a gap since my last update but things have been rather absurdly busy. We’ve moved in with a few weeks to spare before baby number two arrived. He and mum are doing well if not getting much sleep.Here are some photos of it now complete.  I’ll continue to update with how it is to live in along with details of the heat pump and rainwater harvesting in action – there are already a few teething problems (with the house systems – not the baby).                                            Rear living roomStreet ElevationDining room0519luke102.jpg


3 Responses to We’re in!

  1. Assissotom says:

    Great place to visit!

  2. Ross says:

    Really interesting stuff – this is (another) press enquiry. I write about property/construction in west London – would be interested in finding out a bit more about your project, if you’re in the right borough… which one are you in?

  3. luketozer says:

    The house is in Westminster, just. Our office is nearby in RBK&C. I’d be happy to show you round . Just send me an email and we can fix up a convenient time.
    All the best

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