Where oh where oh where the windows?

All was proceeding reasonably smoothly, with the Contractor pulling out all the stops in readiness for the arrival of the windows on Thursday 15th March. Needless to say on Wednesday, chasing up an arrival time I discovered they were not coming at all. In fact there still seems to be no clarity on when they might arrive. It’s the lack of information that’s totally maddening.
Having been awarded the contract on the basis that they had confirmed the delivery date for week beginning 12th March I am less than impressed. The only saving grace is that we haven’t paid them a penny to date so if they continue to mess around we will go elsewhere.
The window are made from sustainably sourced spruce, with high performance glazing and are manufactured in Germany by Seufert Niklaus. Here’s a link to their website:
Latest ETA is friday this week. We will see……
Sample window


5 Responses to Where oh where oh where the windows?

  1. Ben says:

    Have your windows arrived? Hope it’s going well, the nicer weather should be a plus…!

    best wishes, Ben

  2. James Warren says:


    Where are your windows? I’m on tenterhooks… Hope all’s well.


  3. luketozer says:

    The windows are mostly here now with the final parts arriving imminently. I’ll post more pics soon.
    We’re looking forward to the scaffolding coming down. And so are the neighbours.

  4. luketozer says:

    Thanks for the comment, apologies for the slow reply. WIndows are nearly all in and conservatory glazing to be fitted tomorrow. I’ll post some pics shortly.

  5. Pam Stacey says:

    i am interested in the benifits of using sustainably sourced spruce.why did you choose
    this material?

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