Underfloor heating

So it’s cold, there are no walls, windows and only a bit of roof – it’s time to warm things up by installing the underfloor heating.
All the pipework for the upper floors with timber floor construction were put in on friday with the ground floor and rear mezzanine to follow.
First the sheeps wool natural insulation was fitted into netting between the joists and then the metal transfer plates were fitted to receive the underfloor heating pipework.
Each loop was pressure tested to 5 bar and left connected to the manifolds carefully positioned at ground, first and third floors. The main plumbing and the heat pump installation are to follow but at least we can now put the subfloors down.

Underfloor heating


2 Responses to Underfloor heating

  1. David and Katherine Soanes says:

    Awesome, when will the house (eco) warming be?

  2. Luke Tozer says:

    Thanks for the comment. A very good question. I always say about a year just to be good and non specific although the client usually demands more precise info. Should be sometime late summer after we have returned from a long overdue holiday.
    More postings will follow as the building works progress. Stay tuned.

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