Underfloor heating

January 29, 2007

So it’s cold, there are no walls, windows and only a bit of roof – it’s time to warm things up by installing the underfloor heating.
All the pipework for the upper floors with timber floor construction were put in on friday with the ground floor and rear mezzanine to follow.
First the sheeps wool natural insulation was fitted into netting between the joists and then the metal transfer plates were fitted to receive the underfloor heating pipework.
Each loop was pressure tested to 5 bar and left connected to the manifolds carefully positioned at ground, first and third floors. The main plumbing and the heat pump installation are to follow but at least we can now put the subfloors down.

Underfloor heating


Progress on site

January 24, 2007

Forgive me it has been many days since my last post. Life and work had taken over somewhat and I haven’t found the time or waking hours to update the blog until now.
So what’s been going on? We have a main Contractor on site, the steelwork is in, floors are in and the roofs are almost on.
The underfloor heating pipework for the upper floors is due to be installed on Friday.
Here’s a picture of work in progress: a snap from the rear scaffolding at second floor level. More to come soon.