Welcome to Luke’s eco self build blog

Welcome to my blog of a building a new low Carbon house in West London. It’s an account of the process and the trials and tribulations of this self build and an attempt to provide a resource for others trying to do the same. Please feel free to comment and add any relevant information.

some of our other work is on our website http://www.pitmantozer.com

Front ele sketch


3 Responses to Welcome to Luke’s eco self build blog

  1. Ivona says:

    Hi Luke,

    It’s a great idea having a blog about all the process of building. Thank you for sharing your experience and all useful information included in your posts. I was one of the guests visiting your house during Architecture Week and was quite impressed. And I look forward to the completion!


  2. […] The house is a symmetrical development or construction where all elements serve a purpose, through an equation. A garden should be the opposite. It is a place from the heart that takes you away from a world so functional and correct. Yours may not be a television documentary (nor does it need to be) but the heart should ‘feel’ your place outside is worthwhile. I would not dare suggest that we need to go foolhardy with ill-conceived visions into our gardens tomorrow and perform inappropriate and nonsensical acts upon our plots. I would suggest that in a lot more than the planning and symmetric tribunals that cover so much of our airwaves and newspapers is there inspiration to be found. Maybe it is time that these slight visionaries where embraced (even just slightly) and that our dream was churned from a mere conversational pastime into something real. Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes we just need to allow a little more of it into our lives, our homes and moreso our gardens. Can we not forget the newest Bentley or BMW for one season? Can we go back to childhood dreams that, possibly, seem so long ago and let loose in a new world outside? In a full season I may create some of the finest gardens in Ireland – but how many rouse or kindle the imagination? What I may like, personally, you may not, naturally. I do not wish to set a new list of rules for garden design. I would suggest that our gardens could be a little more than they are and sometimes it can come so much easier from the heart and mind. We have moved from the ‘80’s where straight edge beds of allysum, lobelia and grisilina hedging coveted our Saturday afternoon and Sunday used to be a day of rest. We skipped through the ‘90’s where cobblelock driveways and patios rocked our world. Now in the new millennium decking is everywhere to be seen. Although these are not unwise additions to the garden or home, they are somewhat commercially driven and an easy choice when deciding to do a little to the, for so long neglected, garden. […]

  3. Great looking build like.

    Good luck!

    Any updates?

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